Project Fifty-Sixty – Week 6

Project Fifty-Sixty – Week 6Project Fifty-Six­ty – Week 6 is over and out. And I knew me being on time with week 5 was just a fluke. I should be back on track mov­ing for­wards. In fact, I’m so late with this week that I thought, “in for a pen­ny, in for a pound” and post­poned pub­lish­ing the post until now. I do have a rea­son for halt­ing the project for a while. I need­ed a new (used) car and I had a dead­line to find one. This took a lot of research, test dri­ves and tire kick­ing, so I didn’t have enough time to work on the blog at the same time.

Project Fifty-Sixty – Week 6

This week was a turn­ing point for autumn. Most of the leaves have fall­en by now and only a few strag­glers hang on still. The win­ter is def­i­nite­ly near­ing, which isn’t actu­al­ly a sur­prise. I don’t enjoy the short­en­ing days one bit, but soon enough it’ll be spring again.

Day 36 – Sunday

I woke up ear­ly and watched as the sun began to rise. The light turned pret­ti­er by the minute, and I gath­ered my gear and head­ed to my “back­yard”. It’s real­ly rare that I’m able to shoot so many pho­tos in such a short time and in such a lim­it­ed area.

Yellow leaves in soft light.

Yel­low so deep you could drown in it.

The sun was still at a low angle and there was a hint of fog in the air. It was warm and all in all beau­ti­ful. A per­fect autumn weath­er.

Backlit red rowan leaves.

It’s amaz­ing what you can find from your back­yard.

Pools of light on a mossy rock.

Nice small pools of light from the ris­ing sun.

Yellow Solomon's-seal.

This plant has many names, Solomon’s-seal, David’s-harp and Lad­der-to-heav­en to name a few.

Click the pho­tos above to see them in a big­ger size.

Yellow and red foliage in dappled light.

Dap­pled light matched the dap­pled foliage per­fect­ly.

Day 37 – Monday

On Mon­day we head­ed out to the Katari­inan­laak­so nature reserve. Our main objec­tive was to see if we could find and pho­to­graph a Eurasian nuthatch, which had been spot­ted there ear­li­er. We did find it and I even have a few decent shots of it. Nat­u­ral­ly they were shot with a longer lens, so more on that lat­er.

I pho­tographed the sun­set and oth­er mis­cel­la­neous things along the way with the “Fifty-Sixty”-lens though.

Sunset over Uittamo.

The low hang­ing clouds made the sun­set.

A snapped off branch.

Casu­al­ty of a storm.

Day 38 – Tuesday

Tues­day was a gloomy day, so I thought it would be best to stay indoors. I had the idea to light a maple leaf from the back­side. It took a cou­ple of tries, but I like the end result. It gives the leaf a three-dimen­sion­al appear­ance.

A backlit maple leaf.

I used my led torch to shine light through the leaf.

Day 39 – Wednesday

I bought these glass chilies from Fiskars Vil­lage where we spent a day with my par­ents this sum­mer. The bowl was giv­en to me by my late grand­ma, and it is very spe­cial to me.

Glass chilis in a bowl.

The glass chili har­vest war very suc­cess­ful this year.

Day 40 – Thursday

There was a break in the rain just as I got home. It was fair­ly windy and this was the day the trees start­ed to shed their leaves for real. I wait­ed for a decent gust of wind and took this pho­to.

Tree shedding leaves.

Trees are shed­ding their leaves like kids shed their out­doors clothes after kinder­garten.

Day 41 – Friday

Once again, we man­aged to find a place where we haven’t pho­tographed before. We’ve been all around the Uit­ta­mo area, but this is a small spot, which we’ve neglect­ed. Maybe this is because it’s a beach and I don’t real­ly want to walk among sun­bathers and swim­mers with all my gear. It’s not exact­ly beach sea­son any­more, so we thought it could be worth check­ing out.

Reeds in the evening sun.

Reeds have lost their green almost entire­ly.

A spotted maple leaf.

This has to be the ugli­est maple leaf I’ve pho­tographed so far, but it’s got char­ac­ter.

Day 42 – Saturday

For some rea­son, Sat­ur­days seem to be aver­age at best when it comes to pho­tog­ra­phy. The weath­er wasn’t exact­ly pris­tine with only a few sun­ny moments, but I think I just need the one day to recov­er from the work week. Sun­days are usu­al­ly much more pro­duc­tive.

A cracked tree stump.

This tree was weath­ered, worn down and on it’s last leg.

Parts 7 and 8 will be com­ing out as soon as I can get the images edit­ed.


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