Project Fifty-Sixty – Week 3

Colorful maple leaves

Project Fifty-Sixty - week 3Project Fifty-Six­ty – Week 3 is here! And so is autumn. The whole week was cold, windy, rainy and every­thing in between. The sum­mer is def­i­nite­ly over.

Project Fifty-Sixty – Week 3

This week I decid­ed to make things even more com­pli­cat­ed for myself. I have total­ly flipped my sleep­ing sched­ule around. It’s always been dif­fi­cult for me to get out of bed and I’ve always been a night owl. Work­ing as a bounc­er when I was younger did­n’t help the con­di­tion in any way. Late­ly I’ve been show­ing up at work between 9:00 and 10:00, which is fine by my employ­er, but not fine by me.

Now I’ve been going to bed at around 21:30 and wak­ing up at 5:30 every morn­ing and it’s going sur­pris­ing­ly well. I have much more time to work on my per­son­al stuff in the morn­ings and I’ve been at work at around 8:00. This chal­lenge is one rea­son for going with this change, since the days are get­ting short­er and short­er here in Fin­land. Soon it will be dark by the time I’d usu­al­ly get out of work, so out­door pho­tog­ra­phy would be a no-go.

Day 15 – Sunday

On Sun­day my mom and I vis­it­ed the Turku Uni­ver­si­ty Botan­i­cal Gar­den. This is a long-time favorite of ours to go to and pho­to­graph. There’s one lens, that is on my list of things to get, which would be real­ly use­ful here. I’m talk­ing about the Fuji­non XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR macro lens. Maybe I’ll own that lens next time we go there…

Colorful maple leaves

I like the col­or palette of things to come…


Is your mind play­ing tricks on you… or am I?” – Scare­crow

Click the pho­tos above to see them in a big­ger size.

A collard

Frac­tal cab­bage.

Day 16 – Monday

This pho­to summed up the day per­fect­ly. It was basi­cal­ly nice and sun­ny, but spiced with rain show­ers every five min­utes.

Raindrops on a window

For the first time, I’m in an office with a decent view and this is what I get.

Day 17 – Tuesday

On Tues­day we vis­it­ed the Katari­inan­laak­so nature reserve. It’s real­ly close to where we live, so it’s a con­ve­nient place to explore when you’re short on time.

Autumn forest

A bit of col­or can be seen here and there.

Click the pho­tos above to see them in a big­ger size.

Small feather in black and white

Lost and found.

Day 18 – Wednesday

It was con­stant­ly rain­ing the whole day, but in the evening the weath­er cleared for a moment. And just when I was about to go out with my cam­era it start­ed rain­ing again. So I had to impro­vise. I put the cam­era on a small tri­pod and exper­i­ment­ed a bit with light paint­ing. And because there’s an app for that, I used one called Col­or Screen Unlim­it­ed. I made my iPad screen orange and my iPhone screen blue and lit the speak­er from both sides. It’s a nice tech­nique, which I need to exper­i­ment with more in the future.

Light painted Klipsch speaker

That cone is sex­i­er than Madon­na’s under­gar­ments…

Day 19 – Thursday

Noth­ing too spe­cial here, but a lot of mem­o­ries. This is where I spent my child­hood. The view has changed some­what though. The Majakkaran­ta res­i­den­tial area (in the back­ground) was­n’t there and our home street was­n’t paved like it is now.

Vähäheikkilä residential area

A view from my youth.

Silver graffiti paint texture

The wall can be peeled like an onion at some point.

Day 20 – Friday

On top of G.A.S (Gear Acqui­si­tion Syn­drome), pho­tog­ra­phers tend to accu­mu­late total­ly use­less things as props or sub­jects. I found this glue tube among my grand­par­ents things. It’s sev­er­al decades old, so the glue is hard­ened ages ago, but I liked the don­key and the col­ors on the tube.

Karlsons Klister glue tube

Hee haw goes the don­key!

Day 21 – Saturday

On Sat­ur­day we vis­it­ed the Old Cas­tle of Lieto. The cas­tle isn’t there any­more, but the mas­sive hill is. Lat­er this area was used as a farm and a manor home. The manor is still there and it’s owned by the Uni­ver­si­ty of Turku. They also had these love­ly old ladies parked under a shed.

Massey-Harris tractor from front

From the era when Massey Fer­gu­son was­n’t yet Massey Fer­gu­son.

Old tractor from front

There’s some­thing real­ly love­ly and quaint with old machin­ery like this.

A small amanita mushroom

You should­n’t argue about taste, but eat­ing an amani­ta mushroom…really?

Creases on a tree stump

I’ve nev­er seen this before. A tree that has wrin­kled from social pres­sure to grow straight up.

Some variety of kuehneromyces

I could­n’t find an exact match, but this is prob­a­bly some vari­ety of kuehneromyces mush­room.

Fall colors on small aspen trees

Love­ly fall col­ors on these small aspen trees.

This wraps up week 3 of the project. Stay tuned for the next one.


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  1. Taiteil­i­jan silmää todel­lakin! Omas­ta ikku­nas­ta näkyy vain se lon­keron väri­nen taivas… Kel­paa katel­la väre­jä Jan­nen linssin läpi :)

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