Project Fifty-Sixty – Week 1

A big-ass daisyflower

Project Fifty-Sixty week 1Nam­ing this project Fifty-Six­ty might seem like an error in my log­ic, but it’s not. Still, it might need an expla­na­tion (at least if you’re not Finnish). I once did a project called 30/30, which meant I shot at least one pho­to a day for 30 days with my then new Sig­ma 30mm f/1.4 lens on my Canon 7D. Basi­cal­ly, I just want­ed to get to know that lens and get myself out and shoot­ing more.

The idea behind project Fifty-Sixty

Now I’m shoot­ing with all Fuji gear, and I want­ed to rein­vent and redo the chal­lenge. I usu­al­ly car­ry the Fuji­non XF 35mm f/1.4 lens on my X‑T20 body every day, so that seemed like a good can­di­date for the project. I first thought about doing a 35/35-project, but it just did­n’t sound right. Next, I con­sid­ered that this lens equates to rough­ly 50mm focal length when the crop-fac­tor of Fuji bod­ies is tak­en into account. Then I remem­bered what the great­est ski jumper of all time, Mat­ti Nykä­nen, once said when asked about his chances in the com­pe­ti­tion: “The odds are fifty-six­ty.”.

That set­tled it and now I’m shoot­ing with my 35mm, 50mm equiv­a­lent lens for the next 60 days and post­ing at least one pho­to per day. Let’s get this show on the road!

Day 1 – Sunday

The first day of the chal­lenge began quite gloomy, but luck­i­ly the weath­er cleared out in the evening. My mom and I decid­ed to head out to the Turku har­bour area just before the sun­set.

A big-ass daisy flower

A big-ass daisy flower.

The wooden mast of Suomen Joutsen

The wood­en mast of Suomen Jout­sen.

Droplets on a wooden table

Some droplets still remained on lev­el sur­faces.

Decorative hay detail

I real­ly liked the hay arrange­ments around the restau­rant.

Day 2 – Monday

Like Garfield, I tend to dis­like Mon­days. Espe­cial­ly when I have sev­er­al meet­ings sched­uled around the cam­pus. How­ev­er this meant good oppor­tu­ni­ties for pho­tog­ra­phy, so I kept my cam­era ready and got a few shots.

A beaten Piaggio scooter

A beat­en Piag­gio scoot­er catch­ing some light.

Crane through a hole in the wall

Keep­ing up the curios­i­ty, see a hole in a wall, peek through the hole in the wall.

Day 3 – Tuesday

Tues­day was a busy and very autum­nal day. All I man­aged to do was to pho­to­graph a roof of a car in the park­ing lot.

Raindrops on a car roof

Rainy and mis­er­able day. Good wax on the car though.

Day 4 – Wednesday

Once again I had meet­ings sched­uled else­where, so I seized the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take pho­tos along the way.

Weathered bicycle saddle

If the sad­dle looks like this, the ass of the own­er is prob­a­bly worse.

Day 5 – Thursday

We only had about an hour of day­light left, but the weath­er was just gor­geous, so we went for it. First, we just hap­pened to dri­ve by the Hir­ven­sa­lo Ski Cen­tre when we saw the hot-air bal­loon being pre­pared. We had to wait a few moments before it took off, and I kept shoot­ing the bal­loon the whole time.

Next, we just scout­ed a new area and I saw a woman in a scull approach­ing. I made a few quick cam­era-adjust­ments and was able to catch her against the Majakkaran­ta res­i­den­tial area.

We stayed out until the light just fad­ed away and the sky just kept get­ting bet­ter towards the sun­set. This was def­i­nite­ly the best out­ing in a while.

Hot-air balloon

The per­fect bal­loon for giv­ing an answer to a wed­ding pro­pos­al.

A scull against Majakkaranta residential area

This kind of a boat is appar­ent­ly called a scull.

Reeds backlit by the sun

It’s always fun to shoot against the sun, espe­cial­ly with an elec­tron­ic viewfind­er.

Gorgeous cloud formations

Just mag­nif­i­cent clouds moments before the sun­set.

Day 6 – Friday

This was the first day I real­ly strug­gled with this project. I had a nag­ging headache all day, which emanat­ed from my neck. This, unfor­tu­nate­ly, means that painkillers won’t help like they do with a “reg­u­lar” headache. I bare­ly man­aged to snap a few pho­tos of a VW Bee­tle that has been sit­ting in our park­ing lot for a few weeks.

VW Beetle emblem

The butt-end of a Bee­tle.

VW Beetle interior shot

Insides of a Bee­tle, no dis­sec­tion need­ed.

Day 7 – Saturday

I was busy clean­ing the whole day, which is some­thing that just had to be done. Also, the weath­er sucked balls, so I arranged a small stu­dio set up in the evening and pho­tographed my new hat.

Pig cap

My new pig cap :8)

Project Fifty-Six­ty will con­tin­ue next week, stay tuned.


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