Opportunism in photography

Summer car for sale.

Opportunism emerges.Most, if not all photographers are opportunistic creatures. The severity of this condition heavily depends on the type of photography they’re interested in. With some the opportunism comes and goes during the years, but others can be just terminally opportunistic.

Opportunism scale

Very mild opportunism could manifest itself as a want to take photographs because of beautiful weather or of a type of flower that just happens to be in bloom. More aggressive and chronic opportunism is usually linked to journalistic photography where something newsworthy happening or not happening could make or break the story.

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Helsinki excursion

The Finlandia Hall

The Finlandia HallThis week I spent two days in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Unfortunately (in regards to photography) this wasn’t a vacation but a business trip. Fortunately (in regards to photography) we had a bit of time off here and there so I could take a few photos during the event. The weather happened also to be on our side during both days.

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Fujinon XF90mmF2 – First impressions

Flood sticker sunsetThis week I added the first lens to my Fuji ecosystem, the Fujinon XF90mmF2 R LM WR. Well, not exactly the first since I did get the body with the Fujinon XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS kit lens. My original goal was to go with prime lenses only. The only thing was that my wallet didn’t agree with me on that when I purchased the camera in December. With this goal in mind, I’ve been scouting the Finnish for sale forums and gathering up funds for lenses since I got the camera. View full post!

Photographing tits

Blue tits stare

Blue tit stareLast Saturday was the first time since the beginning of January we managed to get out and photograph some birds. Pardon the word play here, but talking about tits is always funny. ;)

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Elevator lights

Elevator lights

Elevator lights I’ve had my eye on these elevator lights reflecting off of the elevator walls for quite some time. Now that I have my Fuji X-T20 always with me, I decided it was time to photograph them. I used the Acros simulation with red filter in camera and final tweaks were made in Lightroom & Photoshop.

In other news

I immediately slipped from the weekly blogging schedule I set for myself, but I had a good reason for it. I’ve been sick as a dog for the past month with sinusitis on both sides. It didn’t clear even after two antibiotic treatments. Only after I got prescribed cortisone it finally cleared, but I was awarded with a more regular flu right after that. A month of being sick strangely sucks the creative juices out of a person.

The blog should be back on track again soon with more content and I’ve got plans for clearing up my schedule for more photography and blogging. But more on that in the next post. I’ll also try to publish more this sort of short one image posts now that I’ve got some idea on how SEO works with this kind of posts.


Fuji X-T20

Fuji X-T20 box

Fuji X-T20 boxThere have been a number of changes and additions to my camera gear during the last few years and the newest member to join the family is the Fuji X-T20. The reason for this recent purchase is that I wanted to have a small but capable camera to be with me even when I’m not going out specifically to take photos. View full post!

Blog reboot

2018 fireworks blog reboot
What could be a better time to reboot my blog than the first day of the year 2018. Well, Christmas would have also worked since me starting to blog again is a small miracle after all. View full post!